Friday, May 26, 2017


A Thank You to all SD63 Delegates and Alternates who attended our SD63 Convention.

Below are the results:

State & CD5 Delegates


Alana Cook
Bob Welch
Carleton Crawford
Chuck Halverson
Frank Pafko
Janice Bartko
Joel Burns
Joel Quinnell
Mary Saboe
Megan Mitchell
Robert Fecik
Robert Lundquist
Steve Darrow
Steve Malone
Troy Holliday

State & CD5 First Alternates


Kyle Bragg
Robert Mitchell
Stephen Clark
Wayne Peterson
Lyall Schwarzkopf
Rick Swanson
Anne Marie White
Preya Samsundar
Ronald Ravensborg
Erik Lund
Matt Nelson
Donald Sroka
Rose Osterbauer
Brady Erickson
Carol Kellett

State & CD5 Second Alternates


Karl Huemiller
Tawn Johnson
Mary Bell
Don Anderson

Dave Wright









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